What the Bleep

A respected purveyor of ragga sounds, What the Bleep’s pseudonym depicts the character behind the music as unconventional and undefinable. He defies stereotypes and assumed cultural contexts, maintains no blind allegiances to genres or scene players, and is known to follow his own path.

For many years, What the Bleep was the unfaltering and widely-heralded ambassador of ragga jungle. Self-taught and coming from the unlikely place of Bowling Green, Ohio, his early story was one of a dormant passion for rhythm unleashed through turntables. Identified by his flailing locks and the fierce energy of a frenzied technician, he quickly became a staple in the Midwest. And marching forward he came to touch corners of the country and reach a global audience through years of broadcasting on jungletrain.net. Meanwhile, he had harnessed his influence in the scene and quickly-learned knowledge of event production to bring electronic music culture to his hometown in the form of Konkrete Jungle Bowling Green.

Fast forward to today – his 10-year-long dreadlocks are retired, he has left behind the limitations of a single genre and the vinyl medium, and he now sees music culture with a new clarity and greater depth. Never having slowed down as a DJ, his partnership with long-time co-selector foi oi oi is booming with a multi-genre “forward-thinking junglist” style found in energetic live sets and their annual mix series, Feelings for Detroit. And as a solo DJ, What the Bleep is reinvented as a roots-oriented versatile selector – dubby, heady, moody, and bassy. Beyond the stage, he continues to use his experience to push forward with a hand in event production, booking, promotions, and otherwise maximizing the potential of the culture.