While stationed in Germany during her service with the Armed Forces, she first discovered House in the local clubs around town and instantly fell in love. The experience made so big of an impression on her, that when she returned to America and found DJs playing less and less of the style she liked, she decided to just start spinning it herself. At the start of 2001 she began collecting vinyl.

On March 23rd, 2002, while performing at an event called En Danza, Ororo met DJ Sparrow. The two soon started spinning tag-team sets on a regular basis, and after a while came up with the idea of throwing their own weekly event. They called it Restart as a statement of intention to bring back the seemingly lost vibe of House, and they continue to run the event today.

Ororo has played along side some of the biggest names in the business: Richard Humpty Vision, Jacob London, Kaskade and Q-Burns Abstract Message, to name a few. Often heard saying, “If it doesn’t make me dance, its not gonna make you dance,” Ororo’s love for the music is so strong that it is not uncommon for her to throw the headphones down and get out in the crowd; And when the headphones are back on you’ll find her just as immersed in the music, vibing to whatever playing, eyes closed. It is nothing less than contagious to those watching. This power over her audience has earned her the title of “Dance Floor Voodoo Witch.”