Lower Frequency

Lower Frequency is the brain child of Michael Amerine and serves as both an ethos and an alias. Lower Frequency alludes to the music Michael plays: deep and dark yet cerebral, underground, and very bassline driven.

Largely inspired by the happenings in the formative years of modern electronic music, where events occurred in the fringes of abandoned industrial areas, Lower Frequency uses music to create images of a futuristic dystopia and sci-fi-euphoria with funky and driving bass lines that will get any room moving. No matter the venue, Michael will get every listener to let go of all preconceptions and get carried away in the mix that effortlessly touches on many styles and genres while always staying true to his underground and Detroit inspirations.

Michael has been actively involved with electronic music since first discovering the music in the late ‘90’s at underground dance parties held in warehouses and other off-the-radar type of venues. During his college he became self declared disciple and understudy of the Detroit sound and culture by ravenously seeking out the music’s history and by being involved in promoting and playing shows in that ground breaking and no bullshit city that pioneered the sound. His understanding of electronic and dance music comes through in every set.

Lower Frequency is now based in Columbus, Ohio and is a Resident DJ with Squared, one of the most respected electronic music promoters in the region. He has played and promoted shows all over the mid-west including the seminal cities of Detroit and Chicago. He held various residencies throughout his college years in Kalamazoo, Michigan at clubs, lounges, and various other venues while embarking on the next logical step into music production.