Lights Out

Hovelled in a non-descript storefront in the outer reaches of Clintonville, a man covered in ink wearing a rugged, wooly beard smirks. His shop is roughly the size of a spacious closet—leather goods and motorcycle memorabilia ornament the walls with workmanship. By day, Ryan Moya, owner, crafter, and entrepreneur, runs a leather-working business. By night, Ryan’s musical side comes to life. His rugged, tumbledown tunes can be heard from all corners of Columbus if you know where to find him. He has a degree from Berklee College of Music, shreds in local band The Black Antler, and DJs as Lights Out.

Cutting his teeth in the Chicago, Boston, and Oakland’s drum & bass scenes, Moya has shared the stage with dozens of heavy hitters from around the globe. As a resident at Boston’s Fragment and Exchange nightclubs in the late 90’s, performing under the monikers Catalyst and Executive Contour, he played alongside and collaborated with some of the biggest names in drum & bass. Later performing as Autopilot in Oakland, he began branching out to all facets of the genre, playing very eclectic sets. He also was the co-host of radio show, Projekt3, which featured drum & bass talent from around the world. Moya, now Columbus-based, performs as Lights Out, bringing even deeper energy to his sets.

Since his first Columbus appearance in 2012, Lights Out has been added to the already heavy-hitting Squared roster, bringing consistent energy to his sets and to the dance floor. Expect a healthy dose of quality drum & bass, not limited to one particular genre or era, but one that will keep you movin’ throughout the night.