foi oi oi

After destroying every thrift store turntable his weekly allowance could afford, little boy foi decided that it was time to grow. Add fifteen years, a beard, and a collection of vinyl records that can keep a chiropractor in business then you have what the world knows as foi oi oi.

This elusive creature is energetic and quick as a DJ. His sets are built upon a world of adventure – each of which are catered to fit the crowd’s desires and atmosphere. His sets range all BPMs and genres yet stays cohesive throughout by keeping a tight mix of playful tunes. Inspired by everything from 808s to Amens, foi oi oi plays songs of both past and present, songs from all hemispheres, songs from his friends, songs from strangers, and songs from himself.

With a background in Audio Engineering (and thousands in school debt as proof), foi is constantly putting his knowledge to work by creating bass music defined by polyrhythmic percussion with a twist of groove and abstraction. Most of his work can be heard in a DJ collaboration with a fellow samurai, What the Bleep. Not only known for their live sets, but also for their annual mix entitled Feelings for Detroit. Now on it’s 8th year, Feelings for Detroit celebrates a musical tradition of adventure and exploration. Every volume of the mix contains a different story, each different from the last.

Written without any capital letters, foi oi oi is just as you are–a unique individual that must be heard.