Coma Coz

Quickly becoming the oasis among a thriving dance culture, Coma Coz presents himself as well as his knowledge spans through the annals of house and techno. Producer first DJ second, he warrants recognition through his quick uprising in versatile performances.

Taking on styles of Midwest techno influence, European house and pounding new-school productions, his raw mentality and approach frequently surprises seasoned audiences.

With gigs spanning from Detroit to Chicago, it has been a busy time keeping up with where Coma Coz will show. The commitment to positive, flourishing, quality electronic music has always been his manifesto. Having signed with SubDivizion Record (Detroit) and Statik Link Records (Toledo) at the age of 21, for tracks featured on every major music marketplace, Coma Coz has been busy in the studio as well as various cities. Squared has a lot in store for their future and people like Coma Coz are guaranteed to add a flavor untested by their familiar crowds.