Highlights from March 14th Body Language – Mister Shifter, foi oi oi & What the Bleep, Coma Coz, BBX, with Visuals by Matt and Nikki Swift

On March 14th 2015 in Columbus, Ohio, Body Language brought out the Drum and Bass with special guest DJ, Mister Shifter. Also, throughout the night resident DJs foi oi oi & What the Bleep, and Coma Coz kept the party going. BBX made a few appearance with his Beat Box straight from the mouth and the room was lit up with visual by local moving image artists, Matt and Nikki Swift. In anticipation of the next Body Language on April 14th at Victory’s, here are a few photos from the March event as well as a short video of BBX’s beat box. Images and Video provided by Nicolette Cinema Graphics.

 March Body Language1

 March Body Language 2

 March Body Language 3