An up and comer from the birthplace of techno, Patrick Werden, better known as Dink, focuses on a soulful blend of techno with groovy house rhythms to create a mood that is distinctly Detroit. He made waves at this year’s Movement festival, and if his Turnstyle EP out on Brian Kage’s Beretta Grey label is any indicator, he’ll keep making them for some time.

Providing support for our guest from the north are Squared’s Lower Frequency and Coma Coz. Body Language resident Lower Frequency will deliver his own brand of Detroit techno – a mixture of diverse beats that never fails to impress. Coma Coz will cover the other end of the spectrum with his reliably upbeat, driving house jams.

Body Language is a monthly dance party thrown by the longest-running purveyors of electronic events in Columbus, Squared Entertainment. Occurring the second Saturday of each month at Victory’s Live at 543 S. High Street in the Brewery District, Body Language features the most future forward electronic music in the city and is always 100% free.

More on the November Body Language can be found here.